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Ocean Terrarium Oak Wood Ring
Ocean Terrarium Oak Wood Ring

Ocean Terrarium Oak Wood Ring

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Wooden ring crafted by hands using high-grade wood and jewelry resin with adding unique details to each ring which makes every jewelry exceptional.
Materials we use: jewelry resin, ash tree wood, oak wood, flowers.

The wooden ring you will receive will be a little different from the picture, because each ring is totally handmade. But we saving the style, material and color.
Our jewelry covered with special natural oils to protect the wood from most external influences.

Estimate delivery time is around 7-15 business days.
Time of Making Rings: 10-15 working days

▪Note: Don't let the ring be soaked with water. Avoid contact of the ring wtih abrasive surfaces and of course avoid hitting the ring, since this may lead to deterioration of the appearance or even breakage.